All of us put off making changes because we think we don’t have the time, ability, confidence or whatever else we need to actually make them.

This leads to a feeling of a life half-lived. 

I help people make the change that matters most to them

I provide space without judgement where you can safely understand and explore the meaning and purpose of your life. I encourage you to imagine in detail exactly what you want and to explore different options for getting it. I help you learn how to let go of old thought patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back. I support you to take action that will give your life new levels of meaning, connection and joy – what we all ache for. 

I have over 1500 hours of coaching experience working one to one with people. I also create and deliver coaching based sessions for small groups – including workshops for unemployed young people, writers, actors, artists, musicians and community groups.  

I am a qualified advanced coach and member of the Association for Coaching. I receive monthly coaching supervision.