Life Coaching


Life Coaching

Do you constantly judge or criticise yourself for what you have or haven’t done? Are you aware that something does not feel right? Or do you know deep down that you are not doing what you set out to do in life? When this happens it can feel as if we have no choices.

Life coaching supports you to observe what is currently going on for you without judging it. With clarity on the present you can decide where in your life you will make changes (could be managing money, improving health or developing a new skill or passion). Working with a coach gives you the skills to set meaningful and achievable goals in the long, medium and short term.

Investing in life coaching will help you become at ease with who you are, to get very very clear on what it is you want and to start feeling excited about life and what the future holds.

Relationship Coaching

You may be unsure why a relationship is no longer working. You may want help to decide if a relationship can be worked on or if it needs to end. These are life-changing decisions.

Relationship coaching will enable you to see relationships from both sides without judgement of yourself or the other person. This process enables relationships to reach new levels of closeness or just as important, letting go without any resentment or guilt.

Transpersonal Coaching

You may be feeling that your life lacks direction, meaning or purpose. You may want to explore your spirituality, relationship with God or connection with a higher power.

Transpersonal coaching gives you a space to safely explore what spirituality means to you. Developing this awareness helps you to begin creating your inner life. Benefits of making this commitment include; experiencing a quieter mind, feeling a deeper connection with the people around you and experiencing more joy in the present moment.

Work Coaching

Has work become a means to an end? Do the weekends go by in a flash and Monday mornings come around too quickly? It doesn’t have to be like this!

Work coaching helps you step back from the day to day so you can gain awareness of what is preventing you from enjoying your job. Coaching supports you to take action on the things that are in your control at work and to let go of the things that are not.

Work coaching will help you decide on your best option. This may be making changes in the way that you approach your current job, looking for something new or setting up your own business. Taking action on any of these is your first step to enjoying your days again.

Career Coaching

You may feel lost and unsure which career path to take. You may be worried that you have made a bad choice and it’s too late to turn back. You may be getting a lot of (well-meaning) advice from the people around you which is making your head spin!

Career coaching provides you with space to explore all of your options (and ones you may not have considered yet) without any judgement, agenda or pressure. Investing in career coaching will support you to find a path that gives your life meaning and purpose and pays the bills.

Wellbeing Coaching

You may be feeling stressed or anxious. In turn this may result in things like over or undereating, trouble sleeping, putting off important tasks, loss of confidence or avoiding necessary decisions or conversations.

Every single one of us experiences stress differently. Wellbeing coaching helps you understand your own unique version of stress without judging yourself for it. If a life of stress and drama is what we have grown used to it is likely that this is what will continue. Working with a coach helps you break that pattern so you can have more of something better instead… more peace, more calm, more steadiness, more relaxation……whatever is right for you.




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