Performance Coaching


Performance coaching supports you to make a change so you enjoy work more. 

Working with me will: 

  • Identify what is blocking your potential at work 

  • Allow you to recognise your strengths and areas for improvement 

  • Create practical goals that will rebuild your confidence at work

You work on what matters most. 

Common work changes I support people with are:

  • better relationships with colleagues

  • coping with change

  • developing confidence to leave a job

  • establishing a new business

  • returning to work after time off

  • coping with redundancy


Life Coaching

Leadership Coaching

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Free 20 minute phone or Skype call to help you:

Answer questions you have about coaching and how it works 

Decide if you want to work with me and on the best way to do it (face to face, phone or online) 

Begin thinking about the change that will mean the most to you 

CALL 07974 123 019 or use the contact form to book a time for a call 

I will respond to all calls and emails within 24 hours 

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