What is Reiki?

Reiki has existed since ancient times. It was rediscovered in the twentieth century in Japan by Dr Mikao Usui and has evolved as a result of his research, experience and dedication. All Reiki Masters and practitioners have a lineage that connects them directly back to Dr Usui.

Reiki is Japanese for “Universal Life Energy”. Reiki is a natural healing technique – the healer uses hand movements and gentle touch to open the body’s energy channels. Reiki works on every level (mind, body and spirit) and promotes the body’s ability to self-heal.

A World of Energy

We live in a world of energy that nourishes and maintains all living things. This includes us! When this energy gets blocked in our bodies we experience these blocks as stress, illness or aches and pains.

What causes these Energy blocks?

Energy gets blocked in our bodies when things stop flowing. Holding onto emotions is a major cause of this. It can happen in many ways – a few examples here. When we put others before ourselves and feel resentment, or when we protect other people by taking on their pain leaving us feeling exhausted or when we put off making necessary changes and feel disheartened about life.

In addition to this the world we live in is shifting fast. Mobile phones and superfast internet connections mean we are able to access almost any information we need instantly. A consequence of this is that we look outside of ourselves for solutions to improving our wellbeing and feeling better. In this way we are at risk of becoming disconnected from our own natural energy – the life in our bodies.

What will Reiki do for me?

Reiki helps our natural energy to flow again. More positive energy is a wonderful support in achieving our goals and creates optimism and hope in the present moment and for the future.

Reiki brings us back into our bodies from the distraction of the chatter in our minds. Feeling into our body gives us confidence and joy in using our bodies, whether it’s to recover from an injury, take up a new sport or hobby or simply to enjoy the simple movements of day to day living.

Reiki restores our balance when we have become stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. It provides us with a feeling and experience of steadiness and assurance in ourselves. As we become familiar with this feeling we access it whenever we need to. This connection to Reiki energy provides grace, clarity and calm, particularly useful at the times of change and challenge that we all experience in our lives.

Reiki Treatments

Reiki is a full body treatment and I treat all parts of the body in all of the 3 treatments I offer

Reiki Relax 45 mins

• Full body treatment

Reiki Restore 60 mins

• Full body treatment

• Extra time spent on any particular aches, pains or areas of discomfort

Reiki Explore 90 mins

• Begin with a 15 minute meditation to explore and create your intention for session (eg “From now on I will let go of energy that I no longer need”)

• Full body treatment

• Extra time spent on any particular aches, pains or areas of discomfort.

• End with a 15 minute meditation to celebrate healing and anchor intention into your life from now on..


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