Creative Toolkit Workshop - Self-belief, Confidence in Your Talent and Keeping Going...

Friendly and relaxed, it was a safe environment to express myself. It seems that some apparently impossible problems can easily be overcome. I am loving the positive message
Matt was brilliant. I have got lots of techniques and strategies to help motivate me
The workshop has motivated me to organise my time so that I get the most out of it
I feel like I have been given the push I so desperately needed to just begin! And to know that there are other people experiencing exactly the same as me is encouraging and comforting

Gill, Sept 18 

Matt enabled me to understand myself and focus on my priorities at a time when I felt my total identity was swallowed up within family life and work commitments, leaving nothing for myself.  
Matt helped me identify that I was unable to say ‘No’ to  anyone – not just at home but at work too which was very energy consuming and had a negative impact on my mental wellbeing.  
I discovered how to change the way I was approaching life and I now know that it’s OK to take time for myself.

Jaime, Sept 18 

Coaching has pushed me right out of my comfort zone and it’s brilliant! I have completely changed my outlook on life. I have learned how to notice my thoughts and feelings without getting swept away by them. There is a lot less drama in my life now! Negative thinking no longer stops me from doing anything I want to do and I am not spending time like I used to worrying about what other people think – it’s great.